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Announcing VerraGroup Valuation

Real Estate Appraisal Firms Join Forces to Create New National Group 

May 12, 2018 

Seven real estate appraisal and advisory companies across Canada have teamed up to form a national service that promises to blend local experience with national-level expertise. VerraGroup Valuation, a new provider of independent real estate valuation services, is comprised of seven independent offices across Canada, including offices in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Newfoundland & Labrador.

Dan Wilson, owner and manager of Jackson & Associates at Courtenay, BC, says “We’re all still independent companies, but we’ve come together as like-minded organizations to provide the best appraisal services for clients across the country,”. “We’re also working toward the betterment of our profession. Together we have hundreds of years of experience, extensive regional knowledge and a commitment to the valuation profession.”

The VerraGroup represents a nationwide, high-performing and deeply experienced appraisal team of respected professionals. Most of its directors have served at high-level positions within the Appraisal Institute of Canada, including Wilson, who serviced as National President from 2013 to 2014.

“Each office has broad knowledge of all property types, providing services like investment, commercial, residential and industrial appraisals, depreciation reports, tax appeals, et cetera,” explains Wilson. “But some of us also specialize in certain areas, such as seniors’ housing, agricultural valuations or equipment appraisals. I do a lot of reserve fund studies, for example. Joining together is an effective way to share resources, learn from each other and make the most of our combined experience.”

 “Not only are we able to share knowledge and have an integrated database, this affiliation allows us to take a team approach to projects that are national in scope or, just as easily, focus our resources on challenging local projects.  

“It allows us to continue doing what we’re doing and provide some diversification of services for our clients. Essentially, we’re still providing in-depth local expertise but backing it up with a national perspective.”

VerraGroup functions within a cloud-based environment that includes an integrated nation-wide database, and cutting-edge knowledge sharing and collaboration tools. VerraGroup offers consistent products and solutions, a team approach to valuation and consultancy files that are national in scope, and the ability to focus the combined human resources of the group on challenging assignments within local markets. 

Specialized focus areas include Expropriation Appraisals and Expert Services, Agricultural Appraisals, Seniors Housing Appraisals and Studies, Property Tax Appeal, Cost Services and Reserve Fund Studies, as well as Machinery & Equipment Appraisals.

VerraGroup directors have a strong commitment to the valuation profession in Canada. Tom Fox AACI and Darrell Thorvaldson AACI are current vice presidents of the Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC), and Dan Wilson AACI is a former AIC President (2013). Glen Power AACI is a former AIC Board Director and former president of AIC Newfoundland & Labrador (2004 & 2016). Simon Chin AACI is current president of the AIC Alberta.  Mark Dean AACI, based in northern Saskatchewan, is a long-time board member of the AIC-Saskatchewan, and brings considerable experience within the Agricultural sector. VerraGroup Calgary is led by Terry Brook AACI, who sits on provincial and national committees of the AIC, and brings considerable litigation related experience from his 40 years in the valuation industry. 

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